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By canbyte (registered) | Posted April 06, 2010 at 13:36:02

More Roads:

If you want to make supporting gummerment more exciting, just remind everyone they can buy a lotto ticket anytime.

I recall you posting a similar idea on another RTH thread recently - city to buy up derelict properties downtown. I challenged you then to put your money where your mouth is - by being an investor.

Here you fade from the specific to the general, from derelict properties that the city might arguably be justified in owning, (the city is always the owner of last resort when taxes go unpaid) to wanting the city to buy shares in anything at all!

Why anyone would want the city to become their mutual fund manager is quite beyond me. Given our 16 feeble minded goats can't understand or fix up one city, how do you expect them to understand multiple random businesses as well as the deficient heap they are already mismanaging???

Your idea sounds a bit like Russia in its Commie days. Everyone owned everything then. I understand that "paying taxes was an almost fun thing to do" - compared to the alternative!
Cheers ;-)

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