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By TD (registered) | Posted April 06, 2010 at 12:09:10

I watched Krull recently, and I wouldn't say it holds up well; its faults as a second-rate Star Wars cash-in are more obvious than ever. Altogether too long and campy and not half as fun as anything else on your list*. I still love Tron, though; the effects feel perfectly well suited to the time.

Nonetheless, it's true that physical effects have a timeless quality simply by virtue of being real, and none more so than Harryhausen's. Clash of the Titans is far from his best work, though. Still, I'd place it above the remake, which looks like little more than another boring action vehicle for the thumpingly bland Sam Worthington.

*Although being thoroughly surprised by the presence of Liam Neeson was definitely worth it the first time around.

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