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By Harper's Marley (anonymous) | Posted April 01, 2010 at 19:46:27

Never before have Canadians had the opportunity to focus all of their anger and potential into one decisive point...

... Canadians, all, each and every one, have a reason (or two) to hate Harper...

I thank him for his march towards stirring citizens to the boundaries of frustration and anger...

...very soon, because of his 'hard' work, we will experience a rebirth of what it means to be Canadian... hopefully something us canucks can feel proud of again...

Thanks for your lack of leadership Harper... I couldn't build stronger consensus towards real change if I threatened to run over a kitten...

...It's just really too bad that you had to get us all spittin' mad in order to rouse us to change... reminds me of growing as a human being while in high school in response to the actions of petty bullies. Hopefully the metaphor is not lost on the over-contemplative Harper.

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