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By Guy Ricca (anonymous) | Posted March 29, 2010 at 20:54:25

Meredith, I appreciate your response. However, it has been many years since we had an "immense, glossy dining set" in the display window. The last few window display sets have been much smaller 2 and 3 door buffets in keeping with modern trends. I'm not sure what sets you were referring to. The sofas also alternate between classic and more modern (but still traditional) styles. Mind you, our bread-and-butter styles tend to be higher end with the resulting higher end prices. This obviously does not appeal to everyone, considering our disposable throw-away trends some people adhere to. As for our displays, I appreciate your suggestion, but in all honesty, considering the many compliments we have received over the years, and our limited space for such displays, we'll keep it in-house. Our limited (in some people's view) decorating knowledge has served us well for over half a century.

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