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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted March 24, 2010 at 12:54:56

Let's remember the 'trendy' areas like Locke and Westdale used to be full service neighbourhoods with all amenities.

I've lived on or near Locke for about 15 years now, and it is as full service today as it has ever been in the time I've been here.

When I moved into the area, Locke had some antiques/consignment stores, a disheveled used bookstore (Henry Black Bookseller), an awesome restaurant (Ron's Big Easy for those who remember), a convenience store, a gun shop ... and that's about it.

Now it has four coffee shops (one of which specializes in bagels), an organic grocer, a butcher, a cheese shop (albeit far too pricey compared to, say, Sam's in the Farmers' Market), a bookstore that sells new books, bars/pubs catering to different demographics, a few restaurants, some hair salons and barber shops, some craft stores (Textures is a great place to find unique, locally made gifts and 10,000 Villages is a great place to find unique, fair-trade gifts), art venues, creative professional businesses, and clothing stores (I understand Kataya to be a great women's fashion store). Even better, an honest-to-goodness bakery is on the way. (Did I forget anything?)

The antique stores are moving over to Ottawa Street North where they enjoy high compatibility with the garment/textile/knitting stores there, while Locke is rapidly turning into a one-stop urban destination for both day-to-day and upscale shopping.

In fact, the businesses that thrive seem to be those that combine the two: a reliable income stream meeting more commonplace needs coupled with an upscale offering that draws the browsers, strollers and people-watchers who help sustain the street's urban vibrancy.

All Locke needs is a hardware store and I'll be set!

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