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By g. (anonymous) | Posted March 23, 2010 at 22:59:47

if james north turns into a bar district, everyone already here other than brad will pack up and leave, including his business partners. count on it.

i found the spec article offensive and repulsive. real estate speculation is one of the reasons the downtown is in the shape it is and helps no one except those who are in it strictly to make money and couldn't give a shit about the community.

i'm disappointed in jason for not seeing the disturbing elements of this article, but hey, you guys are the ones whole heartedly supporting the harbour as the must have site for the stadium too. this site sure likes to pick and choose when it comes to common sense about good urban planning. if stadiums create good dense urban mixed use areas then one would expect the blocks around copps to be a mecca for one and all 24/7. name one business or residential building that has located anywhere near bay and york in the last 25 years.

why the hell would any of you want to turn james north into something like hess? give your heads a shake people. seriously. go ruin some other street, maybe the street you live on would be a good place to start.

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