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By jason (registered) | Posted March 23, 2010 at 16:29:54

grassroots, I just re-read my post in case I missed something, but I didn't mention or even suggest anything about the poor. My Barton St comment (I assume this is what you are talking about) is meant to direct criticism at some of the less than stellar owners of bars in that area that seem to have no problem selling $2.00 beers all night long and then having to call the police to break up fights. I've chatted with local cops and they tell me that they get called to the same places all the time on Barton for the same thing. I have no clue if the patrons are lawyers or poor people, nor was that the point.

The point is, we see successful business operations punished in our downtown area far too often (West Town on Locke, Hess Village) due to the bad behaviour of a few unruly patrons among the thousands that come to Hess and to a lesser extent, Locke. I don't have numbers, but I'm sure that the ratio of police calls per 100 persons is higher on Barton than it is at Hess. Yet the city does nothing about Barton. Hess actually draws in visitors from the GTA and all over the province so we try to clamp down on it and drive business out for being successful. Perhaps we should realize that any overcrowding problem in Hess is due to the lack of options for folks looking for a fun night out on the town in the Hammer. Add in several more options on Locke, James, Augusta, King etc..... and people won't all have to cram into the only 4 square blocks of vibrant, urban fun in our core. And if some bar owners in Hess seem to be the source of repeated problems - put the squeeze on them.....and please, do the same on Barton so that legit businesses there have a chance of surviving and perhaps growing.

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