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By AlbertDeSantis (anonymous) | Posted March 21, 2010 at 14:52:38

The Slap Shot review was for this site, not the paper, here I'm just looking to write something different and not whatever comes out that weekend. View is more deadline driven with whatever the release is that particular weekend to justify new content and for something relevant to the readers. Like whoever wants to go to the movies that weekend, and they read up about something that is newly released. Besides, I got to review each of the last two Cohen Brother's movies the weekend they came out: Burn After Reading & No Country for Old Men (well, the weekend it went into wide release. I did the same thing this weekened with Polanski's The Ghost Writer, it's been out for awhile but it went wide Friday) because we get actually chance to see it. That's just the way it is, especially since Westdale doesn't post it's schedule of whatever it is going to screen in advance. Movie's there just magically appear on any given Friday (Or sometimes they just show Twilight). The majority of what is out there at any weekend is going to be either mainstream or at least something that went to a wider release - in Hamilton, we're at the mercy of studio releases. But that's not to say that automatically that if it's big budget and mainstream it is bad, far from it. It just matters if the movie is good - blue aliens or British love stories - both great in their own way for entirely different reasons.

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