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By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted March 09, 2010 at 00:05:12

There may have been complaints and problems 30 years ago I have not been here quite that long but in the years that I have been here I have seen the problem worsen. There are more and more student houses and the behaviour of the students has worsened partly I suspect as society's acceptance of poor behaviour has increased. Westdale is much different now than it was when we moved here. The behaviour I complain about is illegal and the residents of this neighbourhood have every right to expect it to be stopped and punished.

I understand why students do some of the things they do, but that does not make it acceptable or tolerable. I do not think the media has exaggerated their poor behaviour at all, we deal with it on a daily basis. The families living here have been very tolerant of the students over the years perhaps too tolerant. I will never tolerate some punk coming into my backyard and stealing anything or vandalizing my property nor should I or anybody else be expected to. The problem is not with the intolerance of the families living here it is with the students who are breaking the laws and otherwise behaving poorly compounded by others making excuses for them and trying to justify the students actions.

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