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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted February 28, 2010 at 12:31:24

I favor a curfew for young people under the age of sixteen. I also support changing the eligible voting age and requiring civic studies throughout the entire High School curriculum of years. HCL, are you listening? Mr. Cooke, Mr. DiFalco have you got on your ears? There is no "afterdark" curfew placed on bright young people using the Internet as a social networking tool, a bud-like device if you will, that helps to virtually shape their future. Congratulations to all you spring chickens for your astute comments. I am proud to be in the company of so many concerned young adults and the youthful older folk too! Though I don't know for how much longer...

My desktop died yesterday and I am gimping along on an old black-op laptop, oops sorry, I meant back-up top lap, Dog. This thing has a whopping 39 MB free memory and virtually no word processor function whatsoever. I cannot visit you tube and so I've lost my licks in this groove. Any future posts will be few and far between, I resist the tedium of a 640x480 screen. My social networking days have ended, my window on the world has been suspended bot eye hope you will continue in my stead and see that once in awhile some good things are said.

I'll just sit back and watch for a bit. AH, to be youthful and idealistically split. A Picture from the new Augusta House, 17 Augusta, Hamilton, Ontario Oh the things I could do with modern equipment and grit. Alas I digress, who am I to think I can help clean up the mess which makes me want to spit, I fear I have become more of a pest when I jest that I give y'all a rest, perhaps IT is all-4 the best.

Here's to ehough of my .... Cheers!

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