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By al rathbone (anonymous) | Posted February 27, 2010 at 14:53:50

The only curfew I would support is on children 16 and under out past 11:00 WITHOUT adult supervision. Sorry, even though I'm 19, I have to agree that parents shouldn't be letting their young children roam the streets alone at night. It's not safe for the kids. Plus can you think of a legitimate reason for someone under 16 to be out that late without their parents?

On the other hand, outside of that arena I agree with you on many point. We DO need to get to the root of why kids are behaving badly. It's not because of substandard schools. It's absentee parents, the constant babying of children when the parents are around, and the lack of anything interesting to do for someone under 19 after about 8 at night unless you want to pay an arm and a leg to go to a movie.

Community and religious groups need to step up like they did in the old days and provide enjoyable and safe activities for teenagers to go to in the evenings and on weekends. Parents also have to step up, discipline their kids, know where their kids are, and not shelter their kids from life.

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