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By frank (registered) | Posted February 18, 2010 at 09:48:04

I just emailed Sam Merulla:

Hello Mr. Merulla,

I was a little disappointed to read about your support for LRT in phased construction. I don't think you'll find the resistance to LRT as prevalent in the east end as you would downtown so cutting out the easy part doesn't seem to make sense especially since it will be more expensive to construct this way - require the tendering of separate contracts and mobilization of construction crews at different times and all that having to be done in 2030ish when cost of materials and labour will almost be guaranteed to be far more expensive.

Our city doesn't need half baked construction projects to get out of the current rut it's in - it needs a large transformative project. One that defines the core in a new way and one that brings our city into a new age so to speak - something that will cause people to look ahead and dream/do rather than look at past and determine that "the status quo is ok".

As leaders in this city I believe it's your job to do what's best for the city and while I understand your reluctance to do so, at times this requires making decisions that you know are for the betterment of the city even if some of your constituents don't agree. I've read your newsletters that come to my mailbox and understand you're a major supporter of transit - don't chicken out now, it's time to LEAD.

Sincerely, Frank

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