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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted February 15, 2010 at 21:16:59

A specially selected Citizen Jury looks like just another dog and pony show to me which leaves me wondering, why is the jury still out on this?

If the old models aren’t working, what are the possibilities for reorganizing media production in Canada? What opportunities and challenges does the current political economic climate pose for independent, autonomous and community media? How can mainstream media workers and their unions influence media development? What are essential public policy tenets, and what kinds of new policies can be forged?

The conference offers a unique opportunity to exchange experiences, ideas and strategies, to critique current models of media production, to problem-solve, and to envision new ways to democratically facilitate people’s participation in media decision-making. The goal is to help “make media public” — that is, to develop and build media models that address local concerns, that are sustainable, autonomous and independent, and involve a wide range of participation that reflect the daily political economic, social and cultural experiences of communities in Canada.

I am sure many would agree that our own social media here bears the hallmark of a very fine jury at a lot less taxpayer expense.

In celebration of all things worth juxtaposing, Snow Ball: A Social Media Social will feature a collaborative, interactive workshop where guests can learn and share their modern social media know-how with the kitestring team, followed by an old fashioned tea social, accompanied with all of tea service accouterments like scones, jam, tiny sandwiches and doilies! Oh my!

So why so much attention to this social media subject lately? And how ironic is IT that citizens elect their representatives and then their representatives turn around appoint citizens for making recommendations?

I declare that not only is council not doing its job, the mainstream media is not doing IT either. The Jury's In: Social Media Guilty of Crusading IT's Job. Cheers!

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