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By frank (registered) | Posted February 02, 2010 at 09:16:23

Haha, I started reading this in the Spec on the weekend and had to read it at two separate times because I was so sick of it by the time I was halfway into it. FTR, I believe his Little Ceasars is at Parkdale and Queenston. From what I can tell, his closest business to downtown is the Wash Me Car Wash. King Street East and Queenston Road don't cross... they're parallel. I think he might have been thinking Queenston and Centennial (Eastgate Mall).

Whatever his position, the fact that the Spec printed his article belies the lack of editorial responsibility of the paper. Printing misinformation and nonsensical arguments in the interest of providing a "balanced" argument does nothing to help the naysayers and gives those supporting LRT no choice but to point to their opponents' ignorance as the reason why they don't think LRT would be a good idea.

I'm sorry he chose a car wash as his business, but expressing his concern for the welfare of the car parks downtown is laughable... I know how they can survive - eliminate some of those paved parking lots and replace them with businesses.

Jason, King downtown has bumpouts etc... if that goes to 2 lanes each direction they'd have to remove those. Didn't they just put those in a few years ago? Why can't King Street be kept the way it is with LRT on Main?

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