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By Rod (anonymous) | Posted February 01, 2010 at 20:59:35

Really can't add much to the torrent of (deserved) criticism of David S, here, save to say that one is left with the impression that the Spec is desperate for space fillers.

What one might expect from one in the car wash business, I wonder? (OK, maybe that is a tad condescending, and perhaps others in the same business are better informed, but you get my drift.)

Really, it wouldn't be quite so bad if his basic claims were correct - to describe the 'People Mover' in Detroit, which pointlessly goes around in a circle downtown, never going anywhere, as 'light rail, and to selectively overlook the fact that that same city is now poised to reintroduce LRT on its main thoroughfare, Woodward Avenue, does nothing to enhance the writer's (sorry, car washer!) credibility.

And are the overhead L Trains in Chicago, which he seems to look upon favourably for Hamilton, supposed to meet the definition of 'light rail'? Nothing, needless to say, about the great success of light rail in countless other cities, like Denver, for example.

Some more discretion and good editorial judgement, Spec editors, please!

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