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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted December 16, 2009 at 15:31:16

My two points were simply:

  • I expect more of university students than doing a poorly researched video with food, housing, and more chosen for shock value instead of a true representation of what's possible. If you're going to play on my heartstrings, don't expect me to check my mind at the door.

  • I'm sick of hearing "because you're poor, a terrible life is a foregone conclusion" because I certainly have a rich, varied, interesting and worthwhile life - and have found both great housing and great food for very little money in this city. And I will not apologize for believing it's possible for many others with a little skill, even if they, just like me, have to pay for hydro and clothing and transportation and more too.

Now, all of that said:

I have NEVER said welfare is always adequate - certainly welfare is often too little, and disability can be difficult to live on. I have also said in the past that I support people getting money for more nutritious food. I don't disagree on that point.

I'm not sure why I have to say that again, though. It's on the blog entry grassroots read, I don't know why she hasn't remembered that.

Grassroots, we've talked in person about how I'm a huge supporter of free public daycare and leveling the playing field so that rich people aren't being subsidized while poor people are missing out -- So I'm really not sure why you're accusing me of putting no thought into it or several other issues.

What I do not support is a mindset that says "More money is the ONLY answer" - because that talks about one side of the problem and fails to talk about skills, mindsets, mentors, examples, community and empowerment - which are all keys I HAVE had access to, even though the only money I have accessed for education was student loans and summer jobs - and I think I got a $500 scholarship once. And I'm still in that process.

As my great-uncle said - I've been poor and I've been rich. Rich is better ;) (I add, however, that being poor isn't all that bad.)

Call me whatever you want politically, but you don't know how I vote and you certainly shouldn't use "right-wing Christian" as a slur.

(Heck, the last thing I was at with political guys had Glen Murray and John Tory joking with each other at the table, so you figure that one out...)

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