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By Balance (anonymous) | Posted December 09, 2009 at 00:16:15


That's Downtown Hamilton, get used to it. I find your article hillarious because you're a newcomer and haven't witnessed all the dollars and effort spent on the Downtown since I've been following it (2001). Well over a $100,000 million and counting.
Do you actually think you're the first person to make these observations and demand action. Join the list of thousands of people. Politicians, bureaucrats, "community leaders" all have spouted over the years how we need to fix the downtown...........hell they even have a City Dept that's cost millions of dollars for nine years that does nothing else but Downtown. Nine years and minimal improvements. It's time to address the social needs of the community, create jobs, get people working, then maybe you'll see positive change downtown, pretty sidewalks, benches and light fixtures and giving money to "developers" isn't going to fix's been over a decade and that approach hasn't worked. Time to try something new. A shake up is in order.

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