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By frank (registered) | Posted December 07, 2009 at 12:52:54

grassroots I think you're being a bit pedantic. I would have thought the Lorne was being judgmental except for the latter piece of the article which promotes activism. There are places and organizations for down on your luck people. They can get help unfortunately, Hamilton's downtown attracts those who don't really want it.

Initially I took offence at the mention of guys with pants around their ankles and welfare moms but if you look at the qualifying statements the viewpoint becomes more valid. Shady looking characters are all over the place downtown thanks to the seedy establishments that are sprinkled around the core. I think that has much less to do with a persons' position in life and more with a choice they've made. The point is those establishments that attract them shouldn't be in the downtown core, at least not with the saturation they are. As far as welfare moms, well if those on welfare can afford to smoke then they are either sacrificing too much somewhere else or they're getting too much money.

IMO, my hesitation with revamping the welfare system is that it gets abused by waaaay too many people. There are people who need it and then there are people who are just too lazy to do something with their life. If there was a real way to prevent the latter from happening, I'd be up for it. Welfare is meant to be a temporary thing and for far to many people it's permanent.

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