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By canbyte (registered) | Posted November 20, 2009 at 19:58:56

Best article i've seen for ages. Scoop for the Hammer. I'm surprised no greenies have stamped hobnailed boots all over it while running on their way to forums and petitions to support Copenhagen. I'd like to think Copenhagen really is preordained dead but given our gummerment's minority status and electibility concerns, I need more evidence you are right. There's growing blogosphere angst about the treaty being too draconian, undemocratic, which could render any concern about peak oil moot - no economy left to suffer.

As for peak oil, it would be a pleasure to ponder a real problem for a change, instead of trying to get out of the way of all the manipulators trying to skim our financial future out of our pockets. Perhaps your headline should have read: COP15 Failure = Peak Oil Success, which i think is what you've tried to suggest.

Q. Drillers have been poking many tens of thousands of holes in Canada (per year) looking for oil/gas but is the same true of the Saudis? I know the Saudis have been pumping more and more saltwater into their oilfields to increase recovery but why can't they do the same as our energy trusts did a few years ago before James Flathead, our finance miserator ruined the biz with his anti trust legislation?

Q. Just because natgas is bulging now, should we still be squandering this precious clean fuel to produce dirty sludge out of our tar sands?


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