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By transit tired (anonymous) | Posted November 13, 2009 at 12:48:34

I think LRT is a great idea but the problem I see is if we cannot run a competant affordable bus transit system now, how is light rail ever going to work as it should. LRT works wonderfully theoretically and practically in other hands but this is Hamilton. No matter what the competancy of local activists, it will ultimately not be run by them. The recent fare hike shows how the city is not committed to sustainable travel so what is suddenly going to enlighten them?

It is not a lack of knowledge but a broken system where progressive thought is constantly trumped by short term gain by special interests which continues to put the city in deficit and so the rising impoverished majority are consistantly targeted to bear the burden. The really scary part is that there are far too many of this majority who parrot the same rhetoric as their more affluant peers. This is not because they are less intelligent but it is easier to go with the flow and duck your head to soldier on than push back against a way of life so deeply entrenched in the city.

So I do not see a bright future for LRT indeed I see them trying to share the buget with the HSR so there is not new expense, something that will not work.

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