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By Really? (registered) | Posted November 12, 2009 at 16:08:48

You wouldn't have to take a Shuttle from James North, infact, according to GoogleMaps, it takes approx 5-6 mins to walk from James North GO/LIUNA to Stuart & Tifany where the Stadium would be.

Toronto is infact incharge, but I feel the Gov't of Ontario is MORE-SO incharge here. This is the only reason I have faith in this Project, as something so important in the hands of HAMILTON City Council would clearly end up in Sprawlsville.

They complain about the money it'll take to Clean Up the (Rheem) Brownfield? How about the Money it'll take to Expand Van Wagners & both Service Roads, along with the Centennial Pky Over-Pass?

And where is the Parking going to be? The only spots @ Confed Park big enough to fit a Stadium are either Wild Water Works, it's Parking Lot, or the Camp Grounds. -Why would there be a Stadium in a Provincial Park, first of all? -If you build over the Parking Lot, where's Everyone going to park? Will they walk to the Game? NOPE, b/c there isn't even a sidewalk along Centennial to accomodate. Will the take GO Transit? Nope, there is no Station/Planned Station. Will they take HSR? Maybe, but will have to be bussed right out afterwards as they can't walk along Van Wagners/North Service/Centennial Pky. -If they build over the Campground, well, then that's just plain Rude! I know many ppl that can't 'afford' to drive hours away to camp, so this (or 50 Point) is their only option.

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