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By Yeahbut (anonymous) | Posted August 19, 2009 at 14:46:10

I've lived close to Upper James nearly all of my life. It's a long road with several different communities strung along its length. The experience of crime is always subjective and for many, tucked into these areas it's sometimes easy to forget the murders that occurred at Limeridge Mall and at Upper James and Brucedale even if the got fairly heavy news coverage at the time and since.

Whether crime rates are high or low, it's good to consider whether community design can help to reduce them. Chris E makes a few suggestions (Poor lighting, fast-moving traffic, wide-open spaces with few permanent residents and a very feeble sense of community all contribute to the epidemic of crime plaguing one of the Mountain's commercial cores) as to causes of crime, but I wonder if there's support for this or are they just his opinion. And how might they apply to Upper James? I mean, UJ and LR might be highpoints for car theft because that's where the cars go. Might have nothing to do with nearby community cohesion at all.

I think it's worth looking at crime from the standpoint of community planning. I'm glad Chris brought the subject up. There's a lot more to it than comparing neighbourhoods, however.

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