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By C. Erl (registered) - website | Posted August 17, 2009 at 01:42:42

I'd love to patrol my store's parking lot! Its every student's dream, so how about hamjam comes patrol it with me! Bonding time, whoot!

And I'm not exactly sure about the worth of the whole ensemble since it was all a gift from my father a few years back. He told me the lock was heavy duty so I believed him.

"Seriously tho... where's your source for this: "Further proof comes in the statement released in January of this year by the Hamilton Police. It stated that, whereas car thefts across the city have declined, three areas in particular saw major increases: Upper James, Limeridge and the Meadowlands. " ? " (Though I must correct myself, that was when I printed the was in November of 2008 when they released the study's findings, my mistake)

Type "crime, upper james" in the search bar of, and you get 112 results. Take a gander fur urselves, if ur all up tuh it!

Oh, insomnia, how I loathe thee :)

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