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By jason (registered) | Posted August 15, 2009 at 09:01:32

I agree that this money could have been better spent, but sadly our democratic system has been hijacked by the wealthy. The only way to keep them accountable is to spend some of our own money and bring light to their unsavoury, selfish actions.

If you want to find blame with anyone about the cost, find it with the offenders who continually put their own interests ahead of taxpayers and our city. I for one am happy to spend tax money on exposing their scandalous actions instead of just letting it continue, unchecked for years and years.

Perhaps Clark should be forced to pay the cost of this investigation out of his pay. Money is the only thing that drives most politicians. Take some out of their pocket and I'm sure they'll start to clean up their act (of course, there's always the fact that they could easily find a corporate sponsor to pay their fines similar to what the previous owner of the Dynes Tavern did).

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