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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted August 08, 2009 at 07:18:30

This is what I got out of all this kerfuffle:

Coveyduck was not effective in the job assigned, they wanted to get rid of her but had no real just cause. It seems one cannot be fired for being ineffective when you work for the city, but meanwhile, out there in the private sector for many workers, it happens all the time and given the fact the many cannot afford legal assistance, that does not seem to matter, to the elites of our society running things. For some workers there is no justice.

The mayor yakked about this to the spec reporter, meanwhile the conversation was taped by the communications guy, who kept and took his copy, who subsquently lost his job and is now suing for wrongful dismissal.

The mayor give all a tongue lashing about code of conduct, of which he breached, thus setting in motion, the rest of this sordid tale.

From a workers perspective, those the many low and middle income workers, who are not covered by collective bargaining, thus not entitled to any grievance or arbritration process, who may not be able to afford legal assistance, lose their jobs all the time. They are left with the Ministry of Labour to fight for severance or pay in lieu of notice, which they may or may not get, and currently is taking about a year even for an employment standards officer even to look at it. And even if the worker is entitled, it does not necessarily mean they get their money. I refer back to a article in the Toronto Star, recently where summer students were still waiting for monies owed to them by a employer who had claimed bankrupcty, yet opened up another company, and so on and so on.

It is these same workers who contribute taxes to the city, in which the elites running things, seem to have one set of rules for justice for themsleves, meanwhile the people who pay taxes in many cases are not entitled to any justice in regard to employment issues.

Did I get that right?

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