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By horrifiedmom (anonymous) | Posted July 16, 2009 at 10:39:30

I recently took my three children to this zoo and was appalled at the conditions for both animal and human alike.

Even without a zoology degree, it was evident how bored, aggitated and depressed these animals are. Their cages and "runs" were very sadly lacking just as the article states. The animals paced in a pattern in their cages and made sounds of aggitation. Gina was just sad with people throwing peanuts at her; her back the landing and sticking spot for most. The two baby tigers in wire mesh rabbit cage at the front entrance was horrific. The one cried and cried and I'm sure their paws must have hurt being on the mesh with no relief.

There are no hand-washing stations, the flies are so plentiful you can hear them, bring the "OFF" because the swampy conditions throughout at a perfect breeding ground of West Nile carrying mosquitos. Beware of the bridges as they tilt and do not feel very sturdy under foot. Rats are everywhere and are very large and brazen.

Will never go back and will continue to caution other parents about taking their children to such a deplorable hell hole. This place should be shut down and the animals sent to a reputable zoo.

Horrified Mom

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