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By BillyB (anonymous) | Posted June 28, 2009 at 15:12:04

It seems like the theme here is that in virtually ALL cases, we need to slow down and ask for the details before jumping to conclusion, and there is never really a need to hurt each other - physically or with words, no matter what job we do, transportation we use, or games we play.

I think we really need to get the people back on the streets for this city to thrive, and it is going to take some work to change the current mind-set. I linked to this post while looking for somewhere to help out in the city. It seems I've found a good cause and may meet a few of you nice people along the way. This could be fun.


PS: Frank - when the police drive three cruisers at low speed across all lanes of the highway, they are usually making a temporary road closure for an ambulance to get through. In this particular case, there were two small children missing since 6am, cold, wet, and in the tall grass just a few km up the road - luckily found alive. These officers were looking for the missing children. Wouldn't it be ironic if you died one day because someone was irritated that their shopping was delayed because an ambulance was "in their way". As one who has made the trip on a stretcher from the east end to St Jo's, I can verify there were plenty of honks and jeers from a few (but ONLY a few) drivers. Please remember that breaking the law as you did is still breaking the law - like the officer(s) breaking the law with their abuse of Jon Dalton and his cycle.

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