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By Michelle Martin (registered) - website | Posted June 26, 2009 at 14:43:13

I found a review of Crawford's book via via Arts and Letters Daily, on the Chronicle of Higher Education website, wherein another interesting fellow is quoted-- one Bill Brown, who works on something he calls "thing theory". Here's a quote from from the article where he's mentioned: "Bill Brown, a professor of English and visual art at Chicago, offers several explanations for the growing body of scholarship on the nature of work and objects. "When there's a blip in the economy, people start looking up from their desks," says Brown, whose own work on "thing theory" investigates the way inanimate objects form and transform human subjects. And as the world becomes more digitized — and its physical environment more degraded — people long for more contact with the material, he says."

"...we couldn't go on importing all our widgets from China forever..."-- Highwater, above

My husband was able to track down the part we need for the washing machine (see my comment above) from one place here in Hamilton, but only just-- everyone he was calling was out of them, and they were back ordered. We were looking at waiting a month to repair our own machine. Wonder where those replacement parts are coming from...

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