Comment 32091

By nobrainer (registered) | Posted June 25, 2009 at 15:02:26

"Let's cut them some slack." Yeah Jon Dalton is unreasonable to expect that a police officer shouldn't pass him dangerously in a van and then throw his bike on the ground, arrest him, cuff him, and give him a ticket for not having a horn when his bike has a perfectly legal bell. Oh, and giving him a ticket for public intoxication but not charging him with driving under the influence (which he would do if Jon was actually intoxicated).

Yeah let's cut the officer some slack, poor guy's got a tough job, no one appreciates his work keeping the street safe from law-abiding cyclists.

As for police hate on this forum look at the comment scores ^ the only comment that was unqualified negative ("Police suck") was downvoted, that tells me people here aren't anti-police but just don't like to see police abuses of power.

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