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By arienc (registered) | Posted June 24, 2009 at 12:11:54

Ryan...that's true, the Greens WERE successful in growing votes, which none of the other parties did. However relative to expectations, this outcome couldn't really be considered all that successful.

I do think that to be more successful, Greens need to do two things...

  1. Convince voters on both sides to move over their camp, not just those who might vote Liberal or NDP. Considering that their strongest support is in rural Ontario ridings that typically lean Conservative, that means highlighting the parts of their platform that appeal to the "right wing" i.e. fiscal sustainability, farm policy, firearms registry, income splitting, etc. Make it absolutely clear to Canadians that this is not a left-wing party. A difficult thing to do when an uninformed media continually reinforces that assumption.

  2. Get people more involved in and participating in politics, especially young people whose future these leaders are deciding on. The fact that more than 40% of us are too apathetic to even cast a ballot once every few years is a national disgrace.

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