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By JonC (registered) | Posted June 24, 2009 at 10:37:45

Truthseeker, the day you hear about a cop getting a ticket for failing to come to a full stop, or failing to signal a turn, let me know. To anyone that wonder's what I mean, pay attention to the next cop car you see, particularly at stop signs, and invariably they will break at least one of these laws at their next turn. It's a sense of entitlement.

Is Jon Dalton's story true? Maybe. I wasn't there, but based on some behaviour I've witnessed, it wouldn't blow my mind. Here's an example that millions of people have witnessed. If you watch CNN at all, the cop that pulled over the ambulance. The short of the story is there were both on emergencies. The ambulance, carrying a passenger, passed a car, which prevented the cop from passing both of them for that two second interval. The officer then proceeded to pull over the ambulance and arrest the attendant, while passenger is screaming in the back. That's what a cop could do to an emergency worker, which is about as close to colleagues as cops get. There have also been enough reports of police abusing cyclists for it to warrant being looked into, the big recent high profile one being... At a minimum, watch the video...

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