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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted June 19, 2009 at 18:16:12

Grassroots >> Are they going to lift the working class to a live of dignity and fairness?

If the poor were smart, they would start demanding the government exempt all income less than 35k (pick your number) from having to pay income tax. Furthermore, they should demand the health tax be abolished, HST tax and all other taxes that hit the average Joe. If they did this, rather than simply ask for more handouts, people might take them seriously, rather than as beggars.

Property taxes are a huge drain on average people as well, since most of their assets are tied up in the value of their homes. If you want to help the people of Hamilton, you should join my call for 0.5% property tax rates and maybe even an exemption on the first 100k of a property's market value.

Unfortunately, I get the impression that most poor people are apathetic when it comes to their fate, either they are too lazy, or too stupid to stand up for themselves. As long as that is the
case, the rich people will ignore them and rightfully so.

>> Why should they compete with corporations, your big box stores, that bring food from outside our borders

Why should consumers (including low income) have to pay higher prices for food simply because local farmers can't compete? How is that fair?

>> who cares about the food security issue our community is faced with or could in the future, when there is no more room to grow food.

In a free market, land is always used for the product that brings the most profits to investors. Therefore, if food prices skyrocket, this will make farmland and all land in the Hamilton area more valuable for growing crops than for things like suburban homes. If that scenario plays out, people that live on big lots will sell their land rich homes to agri investors and buy expensive condos or townhomes. The market always changes to give people what they want most, as long as the government doesn't throw up unnecessary roadblocks.

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