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By Slim Volumes (anonymous) | Posted May 01, 2009 at 13:06:24

Another good'un Mark. Don't know the Hammer Raisers' policy regarding strong language, but this is something of a prequel response:


the news is shit
the dead and the dying
the dead and the crying
the gone and the going
the news is shit

the inflation of expansion=
the supply of efficiency=
the doom of demand=
an indifference of interest=
economy erruptus

big steel furnace furioso
the last blast pouring
onto the streets
molten creep catching
the dead and the desperate
crisp crisper crispee

the news is shit
a getoutatown impulse
home of casinos
and other wonders
home of theatre
and other fantasies
home of history
and other dreams
the news is shit

burlington street
is lava steel
the desperate aflame
with purpose
shoveling against the flow
blocking the fleet
and the fleeing

shot me one
a final fuck you
between the eyes
ending desperation
pain and misery
for the hell of it
evidence melting in
the cooling firmament

the news is shit
what can be made of shit
the news is shit

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