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By varko dranich (anonymous) | Posted April 23, 2009 at 01:41:56

i guess we know who isn't the developer in question if good olde bobby bratina aint supporting it!

but seriously folks, it does seem a better way to intensify an area that is ripe for it without leveling any single family homes. take a look at google maps of this property, it is the weird trapezoid building next to the massive cabdury factory. there is a great buffer of industrial and green space around the site. the nearest house actually has a produce wholesale company next to it! (used to be an odd little sports store in the early eighties) compare this to any of the massive apartment building in the durand area.

it is a shame that it would mean losing some well integrated industrial land. however, that didn't stop them from ok'ing the fortino's store or st. mary's high school, both immediately south east of the site, which as far as i can remember were both industrial until recently.

too bad they couldn't tear down the vacant burgher king (sic) instead.

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