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By Where theres a will (anonymous) | Posted March 13, 2009 at 12:07:48

"But there is. Obviously, it's a lack of money. Good luck getting commitment from the Ont and Que gov'ts so mired in debt."

Bollocks. Spain's GDP per capita is about $20,000 lower than Canada, their real GDP growth has been slower over the past decade and will be sharply negative this year, they've got a big current accounts deficit, and their federal budget deficit is expected to exceed 7% of GDP in 2009.

They're in much worse fiscal shape than we are but they're still building high speed trains as (long term) an investment in future sustainability and economic growth and (short term) an economic stimulus.

Not sure if you noticed but we're shelling out craploads of bucks for a stimulus too, only we're mostly wasting it on things that won't really stimulate the economy and won't position us for future sustainable growth.

That's not because our culture is opposed to these things but because our federal government doesn't care about them and the opposition are a bunch of wilty flowers terrified of an election they can't afford.

Your argument is a self fulfilling prophesy, nothing more.

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