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By Younion (anonymous) | Posted March 09, 2009 at 16:32:39


Thanks for your partisan nothing. Your screen name is apt.

By the way, just a few of the things she did on council (the Spectator calls her "an influential councillor"):

1. Organized north end residents to agitate for change after Plastimet fire. (Followed up as an MPP with her private members bill that became the Bob Shaw Act.)

2. Solid Waste Management Master Plan task force chairperson - led to 65% trash diversion goal for city.

3. Pushed for more funding to build and maintain affordable housing and a coherent social housing policy.

4. Helped lay groundwork for "best city to raise a child" plan.

5. campaigned to reduce through truck traffic cutting up downtown neighbourhoods, esp. illegal truck traffic on Burlington st. near James.

6. Supported bike racks on buses and expanding network of bike lanes.

7. Early supporter of adaptive reuse for Lister block when others called for its demolition.

Of course, you would probably think these are all bad things, not ToryBlue enough for you. :P


"The Workers' Rights Movement started in the 1880s, long before the NDP/CCF existed. "

I never said the CCF/NDP invented the workers rights movement, I said the workers rights movement invented the CCF/NDP to promote workers rights through the political process.

Countries that have a labourbased political party are socially progressi ve (Canada, most of Europe), countries that don't have a labour based political party are socially regressive (United States).

Saying you support unions but not the NDP is like saying you support unions but not strikes.

Also notice that the NDP has been less relevent ever since they broke with the unions in the early 90's - they hardly have a raison d'etre unless they represent labour interests (including social justice and the environment) in the legislature.

If Horwath can win back the unions, that will be a huge accomplishment for the unions' traditional party. Strange you can't see that.

"I'm not aware of any problems that exist within our Labour Laws. Seriously. If you do, I'd like to know them."

Not enforced, hard to fight, no anti scab law, easy to outsource, do I need to go on?

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