Comment 29430

By Younion (anonymous) | Posted March 09, 2009 at 14:26:46

"I'm not anti-union, i don't dismiss what Unions have done for middle-class citizens."

But you think our labour laws are all hunky dory.

"Unions' accomplishments came from Rank and File workers, not from the NDP."

Unions' accomplishments came from engaging politically through both direct action and legislative change. Guess how they pursued legislative change? By supporting a political party (the CCF and then NDP) that supported the Rank and File workers. The NDP is why we have universal health care, labour laws that allow workers to form unions (lots of southern US states don't even have that), minimum wage laws, workplace safety laws, etc etc etc. You can't on the one hand credit the accomplishments of unions and on the other hand dismiss the accomplishments of the political party that the unions formed to argue their interests in the legislature.

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