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By Melville (anonymous) | Posted March 09, 2009 at 13:08:15

Ah, union catering. Why is it non of our major parties support everyone, rather than specific interests? The Liberals and Conservatives represent Big Coporations. The NDP represent Big Unions, which, ironically, are also Big Corporations.

Hamilton hasn't learned anything from the Lister fiasco, and all the other LIUNA problems. That union bought up property in our downtown, and let the buildings go to waste because they wanted to trigger government subsidies to hire their own workers to fix their own buildings. They certainly didn't care about our downtown, our concerns. It's still all about the bottom line, still the same as any corporation once a union is that big.

If we are to have unions in the future that don't destroy in the same way corporations do, the CAW and others should dismantle themselves, and return to the small unions they once were.

The NDP would never support that, though. They'd lose their monolithic corporate donors that run their policy. Despite the fact that they say they support participatory democracy.

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