Comment 2892

By jason (registered) | Posted January 10, 2007 at 17:57:45

sounds like we all agree in a round-about way....I suppose my sometimes wacky sense of humour was ill-placed by posting the sarcastic comment I did way back when (what the heck was this article about again??). Unless I'm still misunderstanding you, we in fact are trying to present valid pieces and articles that will 'convert' more folks who don't really understand what's behind the scenes in our car-crazed society. If I come across as 'anti -car' (which I shouldn't since I own one) it's probably due to where I live. Go for a walk sometime from Victoria Park to Fortinos to Locke South and back to Victoria Park. And then remember that all westbound buses come east along Main, not King - which means this walking route is our fabulous choice for simply taking the bus or walking to a Locke St cafe for coffee. My 3 year old was walking back from the bus stop at Locke with my wife yesterday (more on this fiasco of a bus trip to Mac in the next issue of RTH) when she looked up and said "mommy, these cars are REALLY close". From the mouth of babes.

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