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By jason (registered) | Posted February 19, 2009 at 16:40:25

If I lived in the east end, I'd be outraged by this comment from Sam: ..."not ANOTHER legacy of wasted taxpayer money with absolutely no financial benefit."

In other words, Ivor Wynne and Jimmy Thompson pool are legacies of wasted taxpayer money with no financial benefit???

I have friends who learned how to swim in Jimmy Thompson pool. Our only national sports team (one of the oldest on the continent) plays in Ivor Wynne after all these years.

Seeing the garbage at Centre Mall and hearing these comments make it quite clear. If this councillor had his way, we'd live in a city full of nothing but roads and parking lots. Yippee. I'm sure that will turn East Hamilton into a Canadian hotspot and Top 10 most livable neighbourhoods in Canada. It's not even close to making Top 100 or Top 1,000 with leadership like this. Sadly, I can't feel sorry for any residents in that part of town. They keep voting him in. Enjoy it.

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