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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted February 19, 2009 at 10:14:05

I agree, we can't be at the airport. There is insufficient public transit out there, no homes out there within walking distance. We might as well build it in St. Catherines for all the good it will do the city.

Downtown would be interesting, I don't think I actually know where in the downtown the stadium is being proposed. I don't think it should displace housing (we definitely need the people down there). That said if it's a true mutli-use facility, and can be designed so that there are shops occupying the main floor, facing outwards, so they'll have retail tenants year round, I think it could be an enormous success downtown, when paired with an exisiting retail street. Of course I think the same could be said of a waterfront location. We need a stadium that can be occupied year round by at least some tenants, and it should not be in the middle of nowhere, those tenants will rely on being in a convenient and accessible location.

God I hope they don't mess this up...

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