Comment 28168

By OccasionalCommentor (anonymous) | Posted January 13, 2009 at 14:57:41

Granted. He's had a patterned past.

So, let me understand -- if he's done something wrong in the past, he has no future merit? He did erect a giant condo and is known for that achievement. Financially, he has been a disaster, but his building still stands.

I don't know the details on how this all fell out of place, granted. I won't try to be an expert, but once in a while we must stand back and realise we're fighting ourselves with development opportunities.

All major developers who've come to play in Hamilton have had their ass handed to them on our ever-so-negative "silver platter".

I wonder if we're expressing actual faults here, or if we're expressing the continuation of negativity.

No, that can't be true. Hamiltonians have never shut down or otherwise halted positive progress.


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