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By commuter (anonymous) | Posted December 29, 2006 at 23:22:40

I bet the restoration will simply be a facade over a new building occupied by dusty gov't offices built to minimum standards of design since the renters are guaranteed. The labourers have encouraged the inside to rot from no roof so they can justify demolition.

Moving people around does not create new people and jobs, it just moves them and leaves an empty building somewhere else.

I prefer to hand over properties to developers if they create places to live to attract younger spenders. With all due respect the economy of Gore Park went downhill when it was replaced by a bus terminal for the Bingo crowd.

Forget tourism, downtown needs actual people buying more than postcards and bear-claws.

Most people who come cannot believe that the cool old buildings are encouraged to rot so a more profitable parking lot can be 'built'.

Kingston and Guelph (and Dundas) know this and still have something to do and somewhere to go downtown.

-Optimistic Cynic

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