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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted December 01, 2008 at 01:14:46

After trying unsucessfully several times to find out what happened when a transport truck was hit by several cars, or trying to find out about a police chase onto Main St. W, from the 403, (one of the 5 persuit vehicles nearly took out my car) I've given up on local news coverage on CH TV.

(I'm quite sure both of these incidents would have had coverage in Toronto media or anywhere else. 6 cars stuck in the side of a tractor can your ignore that?! A police chase involving several persuit cars, several regular police vehicles, & a tracker SUV with all the gadgets on the top that heads literally "Right Down Main Street" @ top speed in rush hour traffic?)

The explanation is always the same. "We didn't hear about that", or "We don't have enough reporters to cover everything".
These may be completely correct assessments of the situation, but it doesn't change the fact that the kind of things that impact & interest the general public do not get covered.

(After a number of cover-ups have been reported long after the fact, people tend to become more cynical about local news coverage in general. And there are the stories that are dragged out for weeks for spin value, or perhaps the reporter's bias?)

The only local news that seems to be reported in most local media, not just CH TV, is the 'spinnable' type of story. These one-size-fits-all stories generally assign blame, or teach us a moral lesson, or take a simple incident & try to attach it directly to other more newsworthy incidents that may or may not be related. It fills space, but surely there ought to be more to local news reporting than filling in 1/2 hour on t.v. or filling in space in a newspaper? Viewers & readers recognize this, & tend to be turned off by it.

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