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By seen a few towns (anonymous) | Posted November 29, 2008 at 21:46:56

Mr Bratina is right. Now is NOT the time to waste taxpayers' dollars. It is a time to save our selves. he city hall is nice enough but the idea of the front courtyard being used, shake your head, It is more of a paing stone moat to distance the castle from the common folk. I used to walk by there on a regular basis and the only use I saw was a CH TV truck as a remote location for the morning shao and that didn't last long. Maybe as a backdrop when City Hall was NORBAC HQ in "Regenisis". The employees drove in parked and left, period. No interaction with the city itself. I don't remember evergoing inside bt I have been to City Centre and JS.
How can you deny the shop keeps who pay taxes and are finally making some dough in the core by moving out.. No way that "Mall" is growing and the increased normal trafffic outnumbers the weirdos. The lower deck food court is like a picnic area for city staff. I remeber 10 yrs ago just the rummies in there and no business for those hanging on.
Think with some logic the City Hall is not big enough. Like a family of 5 moving into a one bedroom apartment. Do the math, City Centre exceeds the required space and the Lister Block over and above that. Put the Council chaber over there with a huge picture window.
Put the CITY into City Centre and divert the saved funds to LRT. This will raise your density.
And in a decade or so when we have lots of cash you could build a new city hall on the bay near the Discovery Centre.
Politics is not about the digs it's about proper representation and stewardship of the city's funds. The Economy is not well so spend accordingly.
City staff can get fresh produce at lunch and support the local farmers. Now that is a perk or use the library.

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