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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted October 31, 2008 at 03:15:31

I completely agree that globalization is a horrible idea.

Imagine, allowing people in poor countries the opportunity to be lifted out of poverty by giving them a job. How dare they want to share in our prosperity.

Meanwhile, some of our low skilled citizens are losing high paying jobs, simply because they are no longer protected by tariffs that favour domestic consumption.

Never mind that import tariffs increase the cost of imports to Canadian consumers, we must make sure that low skilled workers are artificially protected by the government.

To do otherwise, would mean that low skilled workers might actually have to do more than just show up for work. In fact, they might actually have to develop skills that create value for society.

Perhaps we should take it a step further and all go back to producing everything for ourselves. We could all become our own doctor, farmer, plumber, electrician, cook.

Never mind the fact that trade allows more wealth to be created due to specialization and division of labour, what matters is protecting industries of yesterday.

We all know that if Henry Ford hadn't been so damned aggressive in his pursuit of helping people get around, the buggy whip makers would still have a job.

Alternatively, average income Canadians could begin shouldering a higher percentage of the tax burden.

In previous decades, when marginal tax rates were higher, tax collections from the rich were lower. This forced average people to pull more of the load than they do today.

Since the universe rewards people who give to others, I believe the loss of good paying jobs for average Canadians can be tied directly to the decrease in their contributions to the government coffers.

If anyone doesn't believe in the power of giving to others, I ask them to try it out. I bet as soon as you do, you will recognize that the universe always rewards good works and generosity.

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