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By jason (registered) | Posted October 30, 2008 at 09:36:43

one thing to keep in mind about Buffalo's largely-failed LRT is that it doesn't really go where the people are. It runs from the university to downtown. That city is more car-dependent than Hamilton (if you can believe such a thing exists) which means suburban residents would need the LRT running out to their doorsteps in order to make it convenient to ride. Hamilton's B-Line corridor is densely packed with people, jobs, culture, recreation, entertainment, convention facilities etc.... in my opinion we can make an easy case for 7 stops in between Dundurn and Wellington due to the high density nature and concentration of destinations in the area. For reference point, Portlands LRT makes 7 stops within a 1.5 mile corridor in the heart of downtown. That's the beauty of LRT. Stops can be more spaced further outside of the city, but still convenient for area residents. With proper changes to our antiquated zoning bylaws our LRT corridor could flourish with urban, street-facing development.

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