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By Grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted October 29, 2008 at 19:25:27

Globalization is a theory that looks good on paper, I know it was part of my curriculum while attending post secondary edcuation in accounting. The reality is that it is a terrible theory which has no place in our world.

One has to look ahead and around them as to what is going on. Business has done a good job at attacking labour, as recently the article posted about the workers who unionized at the Wal-Mart in Quebec. I am amazed at the number of people in Canada who seem to think that they have the right to deny others to fight for living wages and benefits.

To be honest, the whole labour movement must change. I had the opportunity to listen to a group, that advocates for something different. It is a group that has been around for a long time, its ideology is for the workers themselves, from a grassroots intiative, to fight for changes in the workplace. It is the difference between a business unit and one of solidarity. Does the business unit always have the best interests of the worker?

I look and hear and I am not happy about what I see as the future for our children and grandchildren. I see a society where the system is miltarized, security, survellance, no freedom of speech, no freedom to organize, no freedom to speak out and no freedom to fight for justice.

Do we want a society where only the very rich can have access to all and the rest of us are just slaves? I don't and if we do not speak up now, what will happen in the near future. Issues such as SPP, really bother me, as we, the people are not privy to this information.

This is not democratic in any shape or form.

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