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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted October 01, 2008 at 11:36:07

A Smith, there is nothing in error with your points on market forces and government spending, intellectually I agree with them.

The problem is, they indicate an antisocial personality disorder.

If you let the market work in health care, this is great unless you can't afford the most basic coverage. Any serious illness, like cancer, MS, type 1 diabetes, i.e. unavoidable diseases of bad luck; in a market system treating them would mean losing your shirt, your car, your house, your savings, and perhaps those of your family as well.

Letting the market work in those situations equates to crimes against humanity.

But the economic sustainability of health care is a critically important issue (reminder: not related to the topic of this column) and I'm sure the editor would welcome a submission from you. It would certainly be more constructive than reams of cynical, narrowly focused posts extolling the virtues of the market and the many failures of lefties which are so obvious when using this scoped freemarket model of reality.

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