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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted September 27, 2008 at 18:21:07

Anything the government provides for free will ALWAYS be in short supply.

Therefore, the only way to reduce health care shortages, is to make people purchase their own care.

Governments have tried to outsmart
the law of supply and demand, but its time to give up the fight, admit defeat and allow the market to do what nothing else can, namely to provide a wide range of services for all income levels.

By allowing for inequality of care, you would actually increase the quality of care for all.

All you have to do is compare food lines in the former USSR, with the food available to the poorest in North America at the same time. While it was true that the rich could afford to eat better then the poor, it was also true that the poor in North America ate better than the middle class in the USSR.

By allowing firms to make money by providing care, you create a huge incentive for businesses to build new facilities. Just look at the number of firms that offer laser eye surgery. This free market competition for consumer dollars would force health care providers to provide greater care, at lower costs.

Currently, the health care providers in Canada have ZERO incentive to become more productive in providing their care. Since their numbers are restricted by government funding, they basically dictate to the patient how they will be treated.

Allow the market to work, because otherwise, we will still be discussing health care shortages fifty years from now.

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